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The Common Toad

What is TheCommonToad for?


For recognizing the oddness of modern living, the distractions and struggles of concentration, the search for meaning in a bizarre parade of images, memes, and opinions strongly held.


For (and created by) non-experts, non-academics, people who work and have limited time to pursue their interests. For people curious about the world, of what's going on in the lives of others, of what interesting people have written created and thought about, both now and long before we were born.

For dealing with the complexity of people, not reducing them to a single belief or action, not for avoiding conflict or argument, or for protecting feelings and closely-held beliefs. For seeing that contradiction is at the center of existence.


For trying to see the good in our enemies, and for bringing different kinds of people and ideas into the same room, where denying the other's humanity becomes harder.


For chasing after beautiful and true things, for showing them off, for its own sake.

For unlocking forgotten rooms in the mind, places where we can return again and again with pleasure.

Thanks for stopping in.

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