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Conversations: Malcolm Guite - Lifting the Veil, and Keeping the Flowering Thorn

In this episode I am joined again by the poet-priest-scholar Malcolm Guite for a wonderful wide discussion about imagination, Christianity, the relative success of Britain's blending of Christian and pagan stories in contrast with the 'missed opportunity' (so far) in the Americas, and finally, the intoxicating world of King Arthur.

It was a great pleasure to have Malcolm return to the podcast.

Links from the Conversation:

-Malcolm Guite's new book, Lifting the Veil: Imagination and the Kingdom of God

-C.S. Lewis's The Apologist's Evening Prayer

-Coleridge's Frost at Midnight

-The Huron Carol

-Christianity Rediscovered by Vincent J Donovan

-Malory's Arthur, in the Caxton text

-Malcolm reading from a section of his new project: re-writing King Arthur in ballad form

-Malcolm's excellent Youtube series, A Spell in the Library -Malcolm's blog

-Malcolm on Twitter

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