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Conversations: Malcolm Guite - Soul in Paraphrase, Heart in Pilgrimage

Malcolm Guite is a poet, priest, scholar, songwriter, educator, and traveler-on-foot. He's the author of several books, including most recently Heaven in Ordinary, a collection of essays.

During the Covid lockdown, Guite created a YouTube series called A Spell in the Library, in which the viewer is invited to join him in his home study for a drink, a chat, and a ramble through his dense and beautiful collection of books.

Mr. Guite delighted TheCommonToad by agreeing to drop by the podcast the other day and...well...have a drink, a chat, and a ramble through the bookshelves. We talked about poetry, song, Leonard Cohen, Tolkien, C.S. Lewis & the Inklings, Malcolm's recent pilgrimage, and more.

Audio only:

Sources mentioned in the conversation:

- Heaven in Ordinary by Malcolm Guite

- Poet's Corner in The Church Times

- Malcolm's YouTube series, 'A Spell In the Library'

- The Inklings

- The Tolkien part of Malcolm's 5-part talk on The Inklings


- Malcolm Guite on Twitter

- Malcolm's blog

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