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Conversations: Omar Mohammed (Mosul Eye) - Forgetting is a Crime

He is the man behind Mosul Eye, the blog which kept a record of and informed the world about ISIS-occupied Mosul. He is a main subject of the recent PBS FRONTLINE documentary Once Upon a Time in Iraq, the man who lived next door to ISIS leadership and yet confounded their attempts to discover and kill him, who won the admiration of journalists and readers worldwide, of General Petraeus, and most importantly, his fellow citizens in their darkest hours.

Omar Mohammed honors TheCommonToad by joining the podcast, and discusses his life growing up in Mosul, his impressions of the American occupation, the ruthless takeover of ISIS, and he reflects on lessons of history, love of culture and art, and his hopes for the future.

Audio Only (downloadable):

Sources mentioned in the conversation:

- Mosul Eye website

- PBS Frontline documentary Once Upon a Time in Iraq

- The music of Itzhak Perlman, which Omar secretly listened to and admired under occupation

- Omar's book drive for the devastated Library of Mosul

- The Music of Ameen Mokdad


-Mosul Eye twitter account

Music created for this podcast by J. Paul Bourque

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