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Shelf Isolation: 1 - Field

In episode one of Shelf-Isolation, the unifying word is Field. A field is a kind of stage where the wildness of God and nature border the hard-won and provisional order of human beings. Here we see English, Welsh, and American poets put this image to good use for their own visions.

Downloadable Audio:

On Youtube:

Sources in this episodes:

-The Poems of Dylan Thomas by Dylan Thomas, edited with an introduction by Daniel Jones

-Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters, Illustrated by Oliver Herford

-Richard Buckner's song Tom Merritt, and his Spoon River-inspired record, The Hill

- The Complete Poems by Philip Larkin, edited by Archie Burnett

- Thom Yorke has Myxomatosis

- Coming Up For Air by George Orwell

- full text of Orwell's 'A Little Poem'

- Literary Companion to the Lectionary, compiled and edited by Mark Pryce

- R.S. Thomas wiki

- Independent article on R.S. Thomas (which I erroneously referred to as the Guardian)

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